A watch amateur meets Manfred von Richthofen, aka the 103 St Sa E

There is a new wave and SINN is riding at the top. The old overpriced marks resting on a few heritage points are being overtaken in technology and design by the German, English, Italian and even some Swiss upstarts
For someone who traditionally only bought Omega, Breitling, Rolex, etc. this is a big focus change for me. Even the boutique brands, like Nethuns, Ancon, etc. are looking interesting.
Its difficult to say just how good this watch is. Its not only that it doesn't loose anything to watches costing triple, but the standard of fit and finish and design is simply exceptional.

This is my first SINN, welcome to the Red Baron

In the interests of full disclosure I admit this is on an Omyzam strap. Terrific thick leather, super quality and a comedy price from Amazon - take a look !!
The SINN thick leather saddle back brown strap and thick silicone strap also look excellent on the 103, and the padded smooth black leather strap ... and more ....
I love the classic 41mm size, perfect for my small wrist but also classic on bigger ones.
The detail is just stunning. The hand starts thick but end in classic line pointers. The world automatic is in pre-war font curved around the chronograph 12 hours dials.
This is the special edition with pale sepia numbers and hands, a real beautiful classic look.
The steel bezel with silvered numbers of a black dial is exquisite.

The pushers are beautiful as well. All three screw down, and they look great in and out.
The polished metal surface finishes off the vintage look.
The watch looks cool and vintage, difficult to normally achieve, and works very well in any contemporary environment.

Its a watch that is gorgeous to look at, people keep having to repeat their questions :)
If you thought the above is nice, have a look at the display back and the finishing of the 7750 ... wow !!

Its a massive sapphire crystal area, compared to most other display backs. It was funny on the Urban Gent's (see youtube) review of the blue limited edition version, he couldn't stop himself looking at the back and stroking it :) Had to keep correcting the review back on course ..
All I can say is that this is one the most stunning, beautifully finished and presented watch I have ever had.

What was I talking about again - looking at the back ....


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