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A watch amateur meets Maverick, aka. the Rolex Air King

Its interesting, in these days of over supply of watches and a me-too sameness around the industry (everyone have their diver, motor-sport, vintage, bronze, dress - check !) that there are still watches that grab you. I have been looking at this watch for 6 months. Really wanting more and more, but wondering if it will be a long term keeper. The sheer pop of this thing, combined with the small size (I am normally a 42-44mm man), the alternative matt and shiny pieces (not that shiny) and more font colours on the dial then Rolex has ever done and I have ever seen. I like the smaller size, which still looks great on a wrist and especially mine which is smallish. When watches become much smaller they look like bracelets IMHO. My colleague at work has a 36mm Day-Date with diamonds for the numbers and it looks like a super posh bracelet/watch. Of course this thing is like marmite (love it or hate it). Rolex's homage to the Blood Hound and speed racing in general wh

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